You may be fit, but are you EquiSTRONG?

YOU are an athlete. Train like one.

Conveniently servicing the GTA and surrounding areas, EquiSTRONG offers packages and opportunities to take the equestrian’s athletic development to the next level. Focused on helping riders reach their goals, the EquiSTRONG initiative provides individualized training programs for horse AND rider. Whether you’re looking to take you’re riding to the next level or you’d just like to help your equine partner, EquiSTRONG will tailor each fitness program to suit your needs! You may be fit, but are you and your horse EquiSTRONG?

Professional Services Available

Individual Rider Fitness Assessments (includes a individualized fitness and riding fitness component) by a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
Monitored Rider Training Sessions
Barn Discounts
Team Training Sessions and Programs
Clinical Human Conformation Assessments
Human Injury Assessments
Horse Sales and Campaigning
Concussion Prevention Program (for the Individual or Facilities)
Yoga for Riders Classes
Event/Horse Show Medical Coverage by a Certified First Responder with CPR/AED Level Health Care Provider

Back On Track Products Available for sale! Great tools to work into you and your partner's every day routine! Email for details and shipping options!