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***NEW*** YOGA for RIDERS!

Come join us July 2nd for our first weekly session of group yoga classes designed specifically for the improvement of the equestrian athlete! Instructed by a certified yoga instructor and professional rider to offer insight into how to channel your efforts to better your ride. Classes are held at 100 Saniford Drive in Stouffville, ON, just off Main Street. Introductory prices start at just $10!!! Bring a friend! Barn/team time slots available. Classes will be held Thursdays at 5pm and 6pm with more days and times opening up shortly! Contact us for more details!

DEC 1st
It's finally here! Attention Coaches, Facility Owners, and Riders!

There's finally a way to be confident about concussions and the health and safety of our riders! Bring the EquiSTRONG Concussion Prevention and Intervention Program into your riding/show program to take the guess work out of your athlete's safety. Includes up to 3 years of coverage, baseline testing, and access to the best treatment in the event of a concussion to keep your athletes in the saddle! Rest parents' minds at ease knowing their child is protected! With packages starting at just $29.99, why take the risk? Get your baseline tests done TODAY!

NOV 15th
Our very own yearling, Le Fin Conteur, pinned 4th in his CSHA class at his very first Royal Winter Fair in downtown Toronto. Go EquiSTRONG!

OCT 23rd
We are very excited to announce the sponsorship of up and coming event rider Caleigh Pengelly! Welcome to the team, Caleigh!

OCT 11th
Controlling and harmonizing with a 1500 lb., unpredictable animal carries a massive amount of risk. Besides the obvious traumatic injuries resulting from falls, kicks, and rogue hooves, equestrians suffer from a large number of chronic and minor injuries as well, such as muscle strains, low back pain, shoulder tightness or weakness, and core instabilities. As inconvenient as it is to seek treatment, availability at our competitions is poor and access to therapy and rehab that understands our sport and what forces we need to create and withstand is even harder to find.

At the core of our competitions, Equine Canada, Article A508 is proposed as such for 2015:
"For the protection of the audience and competitors, medical assistance must be reasonably available in a timely fashion either at the competition grounds or "on call" from an accessible off-site location, or both. In making this determination, the competition management must act reasonably and shall consider the discipline requirements at the competition, the physical location (remoteness) of the competition venue, and the time needed to respond from an off-site location..."

"... Medical assistance availability on the grounds may include any of the following:
An adult with recognized and valid First Aid training who is not competing; this individual may act in some other capacity at the competition providing this does not restrict their availability to all areas on the competition grounds."

This rule fails to mandate that we need advanced and specialized emergency and injury rehab professionals. The scope of a standard First Aider ends with basic 1 person CPR and rescue breathing. By accepting this rule, we agree that appropriate medical care that is offered in most other sport venues is not necessary for equestrians and that we do not require a higher standard of care in emergencies and injuries.

In an effort to change this rule, I submitted a rule change request this year and it was rejected in favour of this far too lenient rule you read above. We at EquiSTRONG think this is unacceptable and we do not want to ask riders to settle. On behalf of myself and EquiSTRONG, we want to hear your thoughts! Please complete our SURVEY https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B2JGRDY so that we can make the necessary changes to advance athletic development and injury care for equestrians everywhere!! Upon filling our survey, like our page and comment your name and you will be entered in a chance to win an EquiSTRONG prize pack including a custom Back on Track saddle pad, and 50% of any EquiSTRONG service!! Conditions Apply.

Don't settle! Let's make a change!! #ATsforEQs

AUG 30th

Big congratulations to EquiSTRONG horse, Le Fin Conteur, for winning the CSHA Yearling class at the Ontario Breeder's Show and receiving Junior Reserve Champion!

JUNE 22nd

A huge thank you to Belle Wood Equestrian Center for welcoming EquiSTRONG to their Hunter Spectacular Show, June 22nd. All competitors were kept safe and it was a great day to be had by all! Stay tuned for our locations and events to visit our booth and don't forget to visit www.bellewoodequestrian.com for more details on up coming shows!